Crane Certification

Crane certification, for the following crane job functions throughout the United States:

Mobile Crane Certification

Certification for those who operate lattice boom or telescopic boom mobile cranes.

Articulating Crane Certification

Certification for those who operate articulating boom cranes or loaders. (also known as “material loaders” or “wallboard cranes”).

Certification Locations

Get both written and practical exams

Mobile Crane Cert and Training are required Nationwide. The new law was published in the Federal Register on August 9, 2010. It was pushed back to take effect November 10, 2018. As a result crane operators have another  year to be certified and comply with this new ruling.

 Evaluation and Documentation Requirements for Mobile Crane Operator Certification will become Effective Feb 07, 2019. The new ruling applies to operators using a crane on a construction site. (See CFR1926.1427) cranes and derricks in construction.

crane certification

4 Ways To Get A Certificate To Operate Mobile Cranes

  • Certificate from accredited crane testing organization.
  • Qualification from employer through an audited employer program.
  • Qualification by US Military.
  • Licensing by state or local government


Two Parts To Mobile Crane Cert

  • 1. A written examination that includes the safe operating procedures for the particular equipment the applicant will be operating. Also Technical understanding of the subject matter .
  • 2. A practical exam showing the applicant has the skills needed to safely operate the equipment. Including, among other skills, the ability to properly use load chart information and recognize items required in the shift inspection. An operator must be certified for the type and capacity of the crane he or she is going to operate. 

AP Crane Training provides On-site certification and training nationwide. Get certified with hands on classes, written exams and practical tests. We help operators in receiving a Nationwide accredited operator certification, which meets (OSHA) and (ANSI) Prerequisites.

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