Crane Certification

All Purpose Crane Training for N@CO Crane Operator Certification are accredited and provides certifications for mobile crane operators for basic and advanced riggers and signal persons.

Accredited Crane Operator Certification OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC, released
August 9, 2010, Fed OSHA requires crane operators involved
in construction to be certified by an accredited certification provider by November 10, 2017 and Cal OSHA July 8, 2015
Crane certification classes are starting now in your area. Crane Certification Classes

Crane Operator Training

Our Training Meets The New Fed OSHA Standard 1926.1400 for 2014 Regulations.

APSTS, LLC provides different categories of crane training and certification. We train and certify mobile crane operators in the following topics; mobile crane certification, and qualified mobile crane. Our mobile crane training can also be done online. Our mobile online crane training makes it affordable for operators and convenient to study from their homes. We also offer training in Spanish.

State & Fedral Standerds

APSTS, LLC  meets and exceeds all state and federal requirements including the new fed OSHA standard 1926.1400 which effects the construction industry pertaining to mobile crane certification, rigging and signal person training crane operators must be certified to operate a crane on a construction site.

APSTS,LLC is a nationally recognized accrediting agency, defined as "an organization that, due to its independence and expertise, is widely recognized as competent to accredit testing organizations. N@CO